Tata Power Share Price and Tata Power Share Analysis

Tata Power Share Price , Tata Power Share Analysis

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Tata Power Share Analysis: Promising Returns in the Power Sector
Tata Power Share Price and Tata Power Share Analysis
Tata Power Share Price and Tata Power Share Analysis
Company essential details:
Metric Value
MARKET CAP ₹ 86,977.14 Cr.
ENTERPRISE VALUE ₹ 1,08,546.70 Cr.
NO. OF SHARES 319.53 Cr.
P/E 26.41
P/B 6.15
DIV. YIELD 0.74 %
BOOK VALUE (TTM) ₹ 44.27
CASH ₹ 295.92 Cr.
DEBT ₹ 21,865.48 Cr.
EPS (TTM) ₹ 10.31
ROE 26.59 %
YEARS 17.81 %
  Tata Power one of India’s leading power company, has been making waves in the stock market. With a market cap of ₹ 85,906.70 Cr and an Company value of ₹ 1,07,476.26 Cr. Let’s take a closer look at Tata Power financial performance and analysis . One of the important thing indicators to bear in mind at the same time as reading a proportion is the charge-to-income ratio (P/E). In the case of Tata Power, the P/E stands at 26.09, indicating that buyers are willing to pay 26.09 times the corporation’s profits for a percentage. This suggests that the market has high expectancies for the company future increase ability.
The price-to-book ratio (P/B) is any other crucial factor to assess the cost of a share. Tata Power boasts a P/B ratio of 6.07, implying that the market values the company at extra than six times its book value. This will be a indication of the market self assurance in the company assets and potential for generating income.
Tata Power has a face value of ₹1 per share, which is the nominal value assigned to a percentage by way of the company. While this will appear insignificant, it holds importance in terms of calculating the dividend yield. With a dividend yield of 0.74%, traders can expect a small but steady return on their investment in the from of dividends.
The book value of Tata Power stands at ₹44..27, which displays the company’s net worth really consistent with proportion. This figure  gives traders with an idea of the  company’s intrinsic value. A better book value suggests a potentially undervalued stock, making it an attractive option for buyers.
In terms of financial health, Tata Power has a cash reserve of ₹295.92 Cr, which signifies the company capability to satisfy its quick-time period duties. However, it’s crucial to take into  the debt burden as well. Tata Power carries a debt of ₹21,865.48 Cr, that’s significant but manageable given its market position and revenue streams.
Promoter holding is an essential topic as it indicates the level of control and commitment of the company’s founders. With a promoter holding of 46.86%, Tata Power show a strong promoter backing and their belief in the company’s potential for growth.
The earnings per share (EPS) of Tata Power currently stands at ₹10.31. This figure indicates company’s profit allocated to each outstanding share of common stock. A higher EPS signifies greater profitability and can attract more investors to the stock.
Tata Power has amazing income growth of 59.60%, indicating the company capability to generate revenue in a aggressive market. Tata Power’s market capitalize on growing possibilities in the power sector.
Return on equity (ROE) is a crucial ratio for comparing a company performance in producing profits from shareholders investments. Tata Power good an ROE of 26.59% reflecting its potential to make use of shareholders price range effectively to generate profit.
Final thoughts
Tata Power shows high-quality capability for investor to make investments opportunities within the power sector. With a good market capitalization, good financial ratios, and promising better growth. However, investors should always conduct thorough research and consider their risk  before any invest in the stock market.
Quarterly result data :
PARTICULARS JUN 2022 SEP 2022 DEC 2022 MAR 2023 JUN 2023
Net Sales (Cr.) 4,828.92 4,552.15 5,296.17 3,050.54 5,192.24
Total Expenditure (Cr.) 4,279.63 4,020.42 4,185.55 2,510.62 4,149.48
Operating Profit (Cr.) 549.29 531.73 1,110.62 539.92 1,042.76
Other Income (Cr.) 721.61 1,151.02 1,730.25 482.51 443.43
Interest (Cr.) 562.85 555.76 538.81 569.18 597.76
Depreciation (Cr.) 290.61 286.39 288.65 301.82 289.88
Exceptional Items (Cr.) 0 688.09 0 0 0
Profit Before Tax (Cr.) 417.44 1,528.69 2,013.41 151.43 598.55
Tax (Cr.) -4 328.46 509.07 9.54 152.14
Profit After Tax (Cr.) 421.44 1,200.23 1,504.34 141.89 446.41
Adjusted EPS (Rs) 1.32 3.76 4.71 0.44 1.40

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