AA Plus Tradelink Ltd: Multibagger Penny Stock Under Rs 10 with Upcoming Rights Issue of Rs 42 Crore

AA Plus Tradelink Ltd, a enterprise hooked up in 2016, has been progressively making waves in the market. Specializing in iron & metallic, aluminium, graphite, and other alloy products, the corporation has carved out a spot for itself by using securing contracts from builders for the deliver and set up of aluminium windows, entire with glass fittings. With a market capitalization of Rs 7.65 crore, AA Plus Tradelink Ltd has emerged as an intriguing participant within the world of penny shares.

What has certainly captured the attention of traders is the outstanding performance of AA Plus Tradelink Ltd’s inventory. In an impressive feat, it has added multibagger returns, soaring through an amazing 135 percentage within simply 6 months. This remarkable growth increase has piqued the hobby of traders, both pro and novice, who’re keen to apprehend the dynamics in the back of this penny inventory.

At gift, AA Plus Tradelink Ltd’s inventory is buying and selling at a valuation of 0.59 times its e book cost, which stands at Rs 15.8. This ratio shows that the stock may additionally nevertheless have room to develop, supplying an appealing proposition for the ones trying to invest in undervalued securities.

AA Plus Tradelink Ltd: Multibagger Penny Stock Under Rs 10 with Upcoming Rights Issue of Rs 42 Crore
AA Plus Tradelink Ltd: Multibagger Penny Stock Under Rs 10 with Upcoming Rights Issue of Rs 42 Crore

Exciting tendencies are at the horizon for the company . The Board of Directors of AA Plus Tradelink Ltd has scheduled a pivotal assembly on Friday, October 6, 2023. The assembly’s schedule consists of  key gadgets of significance:

* In a selection made at some point of a preceding board assembly on September 15, 2023, the administrators proposed raising finances thru the issuance and allotment of equity shares, every having a face fee of Rs 10. Originally, the plan become to raise an mixture quantity no longer exceeding Rs 20 crore thru a rights difficulty. However, the employer now intends to seriously boom this quantity to Rs 42 crore. This huge capital injection is expected to gasoline increase and enlargement tasks.

* In addition to the number one agenda, the board may even cope with another business topics that could get up, in particular the ones which might be incidental and ancillary to the center operations of the employer. This demonstrates the board’s commitment to ensuring the long-term viability and success of AA Plus Tradelink Ltd.

Multibagger Penny stock-AA Plus Tradelink Lt—Market Data for AA Plus Tradelink Ltd:

* Market Cap: ₹ 7.65Crore

* Price-to-Earnings (P/E) Ratio: 36.43

* 52-Week High: ₹ 20.44

* 52-Week Low: ₹ 4.10

* Dividend Yield: 0.00%

* Return on Capital Employed (ROCE): 2.57%

* Return on Equity (ROE): 1.98%

* Book Value: ₹ 15.59

* Face Value: ₹ 10

Shareholding Pattern (as of March 2023):

* Promoters: 32.78%

* Mutual Funds / UTI: 0.00%

* Foreign Institutional Investors (FII) / Banks: 0.00%

* Others: 67.22%

Annual Financial Results (All figures In Crores):

* Mar 2018: Sales – ₹ 21.44, Other Income – ₹ 0.48, Net Profit – ₹ 0.06

* Mar 2019: Sales – ₹ 4.45, Other Income – ₹ 0.77, Net Profit – ₹ 0.10

* Mar 2020: Sales – ₹ 16.56, Other Income – ₹ 0.76, Net Profit – ₹ 0.14

* Mar 2021: Sales – ₹ 8.73, Other Income – ₹ 0.79, Net Profit – ₹ 0.13

* Mar 2022: Sales – ₹ 10.70, Other Income – ₹ 0.84, Net Profit – ₹ 0.10

Despite its fantastic growth over the past six months, AA Plus Tradelink Ltd’s shares are currently present process a correction section. They have hit the decrease circuit for the fourth consecutive day, indicating a temporary downturn in their performance. Today, shares of AA Plus Tradelink Ltd plunged 5 percent to Rs 9.37 according to share from their previous closing fee of Rs nine.81.

However, it’s important to observe that this correction may present an possibility for savvy traders who accept as true with within the corporation’s long-time period potentialities. The stock’s fifty two-week high stands at Rs 20.44, demonstrating its capacity for good sized profits. On the turn side, the 52-week low is Rs 4.10, underscoring the volatility that penny shares like AA Plus Tradelink Ltd can enjoy.

In conclusion,

AA Plus Tradelink Ltd has emerged as a notable player within the penny inventory arena, offering buyers the potential for giant returns. The upcoming rights trouble of Rs 42 crore is a testomony to the company’s ambition and increase trajectory. While the inventory may additionally presently be undergoing a correction, its historical performance and financial metrics suggest that it could be a worthwhile addition to an funding portfolio, in particular for people with a penchant for high-hazard, high-praise possibilities. As always, prospective investors must behavior thorough studies and take into account their danger tolerance earlier than making any funding choices.

Disclaimer: The article is for informational functions only and not investment advice.

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